Future leaders, educators, white color, blue color. Whatever a young person defines as his or her future, they will be making the decisions for our country and the world. We must provide the corner stones for them now. Working alongside America’s youth and instilling a sense of patriotism has always been — and will always be — a VFW priority.
Youth Education
We must always realize that our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and their teachers are the motivation. We offer a number of scholarships to honor both our future generation and their teachers. We provide Art and Singing contests sponsored by our Auxiliary. We also provide classroom visits to explain what a veteran is, the meaning of patriotism and a number of requested topics.

Teacher Recognition
Teacher of the Year
Each year the VFW recognizes three exceptional teachers – one each from the elementary, junior high and high school levels – for their outstanding commitment to teach Americanism and instill patriotism in their students.

In the Classroom
Youth Support
Our youth support goes beyond scholarships and classroom visits. We involve local scout groups to participate in community activities. On Veteran’s Day we visit a number of schools to explain Veteran’s Day and the need to remember those who have preserved their freedom. We provide support to local Sea Cadets, Mayde Creek High School Navy JROTC, cub and girl scout units.